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Louisiana Poverty Initiative

Poverty is the root of the economic, social and environmental deficiencies, undermining efforts to shift the economies of the states in the mid-south region into diversified sectors such as technology, advanced sciences, and entertainment. For this reason, the Poverty Initiative will actively pursue partnerships to promote micro-enterprises, entrepreneurship, workforce development, and contribute to reversing the current human capital deficit in the mid-south region, especially among our most vulnerable citizens.

Our goals:
  • Change the fate of the mid-south region by providing new opportunities for collaboration between community, industry, and higher education
  • Expand the knowledge on a broad range of issues related to poverty and public policy
  • Form mentoring programs
  • Transform scholarly research by giving researchers the advantage to connect with industry and community
  • Develop new course work to guide and mentor a new breath of multidisciplinary scholars
  • Extend the finding of research through the interaction and collaboration with community partners
  • Enhance the ability of the community to use and understand research based initiatives to change their quality of life
  • Connect funders with projects that have a solid impact
  • Inform policy makers
  • Redirect the attention of the nation to areas of real need
We invite you to join our mission by collaborating with us or by giving to our cause.

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