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MSW Full Time Program of Study

The Master of Social Work degree requires two academic years of full-time study (15 hours of credit per semester for a total of 60 hours). Students admitted to the MSW program must elect to enter either the full-time (15 hours per semester) or the part-time (six hours per semester) program. The first year 30 hours of the program is the "foundation year," and the second 30 hours of study is termed the "advanced instruction year" for full-time students.

Students will not be permitted to register for any other combination of credit hours. The sequencing of the prescribed courses must also be strictly followed, and students will not be allowed to take courses out of the prescribed order. It is not possible to register for advanced instruction courses until all foundation courses have been completed. Students are not permitted to register for more than 15 credit hours per semester.

The foundation year provides instruction in social work practice and history, social research methods, social policy, human diversity, human behavior in the social environment, and field instruction.

The advanced concentration year consists of courses in advanced direct practice; community and agency contexts for direct practice; advanced social policy; practice and program evaluation; 12 hours of electives, which may include a thesis; and six hours (480 clock hours) of advanced internship placement.

Students should consult with their advisors and the director of field internships for additional information and assistance. Please note that the courses listed may also be taken as electives without constituting an emphasis.