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Elective Courses

Students generally take four elective courses during their advanced year in the program. The electives are intended to allow the student the flexibility to tailor the student's program to their individual, professional goals. Students conducting thesis research will enroll in six hours of thesis credit and two other electives. Please note that an elective can be offered only if faculty resources are available and there is sufficient student enrollment. Six hours of elective course work may be taken in other departments or schools at LSU. (See the section "Degree Credit and Waivers," in this bulletin.)

SW 7305 Grief & Bereavement (3) Contemporary theories of grief and loss; cultural, ethnic, and religious differences in beliefs and practices surrounding grief and dying; ethical issues related to social work practice with end-of life issues.

SW 7306 Advanced Social Work Treatment of Individuals:
Differential diagnostic assessment and treatment of individuals with complex intrapersonal problems.

SW 7307 Direct Practice with Children and Adolescents: Maladaptive patterns of behavior in children and adolescents; intervention strategies with children, parents, families, and groups.

SW 7308 Social Work with Groups: Theory and Practice: Dynamics of social work with groups; members' behavior and corresponding worker roles and responses.

SW 7309 Advanced Methods of Group Treatment: Diagnostic and treatment procedures used in intensive group therapy.

SW 7402 Social Work in Corrections: Social work processes in corrections; population served; existing and needed delivery systems for rehabilitative services; influence of the host setting.

SW 7403 Social Work and Aging: Demographic characteristics of the aging population; aging as a developmental process with economic, biological, psychological, and socialization aspects; impact of legislative and social service systems.

SW 7404 Social Work Practice in Schools: Implementation of social work values, purposes, and methods in a school setting.

SW 7405 Marital and Family Treatment in Social Work: Identification and modification of dysfunctional transactional patterns; facilitating communication; improving the quality of marriage and family relations.

SW 7406 Social Work with Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender People (3) Prereq: SW 7004 and SW 7005; Develop students’ professional competence with lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) people. Explores social work practice at the micro, mezzo, and macro levels and across social, political, and economic realms.

SW 7409 Law and Social Work:
Relationship of law to social work; statutes, cases, and doctrinal materials in personal and family breakdown; programs for income maintenance; Supreme Court cases concerning criminal justice, juvenile courts, and the rights of the confined.

SW 7412 Social Work in Medical Care: Nature of social work practice in the field of medical care; medical care system and consumer problems; role of medical social workers.

SW 7415 Child/Family I: Theories and skills of assessment and communication with children and families.

SW 7416 Child/Family II: Legal and administrative functions in working with children and families.

SW 7455 Management in Human Services: Management used in the effective provision of social services; techniques of modern management; interdisciplinary and practical approaches; unique aspects of human service management; development of critical attitudes and management skills.

SW 7710 Task-Oriented Group Interaction in Social Work: Interaction of small groups in social work practice; emphasis on understanding barriers to goal-directed interaction and on helping groups accomplish tasks.

SW 7801 Family Violence: Topics in family violence; their relevance to social work practice; program development and interventive approaches and issues.

SW 7803 Grant and Proposal Writing for Human Service Organizations: Methods of accessing federal, state, and private funds; developing grant and contract proposals.

SW 7804 Addictive Disorders in Contemporary Society: Topics related to addictive disorders in contemporary society; their relevance to social work practice.

SW 7805 Co-Occurring Substance Use and Mental Disorders: Assessment and Intervention (3) Co-occurring substance use and mental disorders and their prevalence and relevance to social work practice, policy and program development, and research.

SW 7807 Special Topics in Social Work:
Selected topics on social work and social welfare theory, practice, and policy.

SW 7905 Independent Reading and Research in Social Work Practice

SW 7906 Independent Reading and Research in Social Welfare Policy

SW 7907 Public Policies and the Aging: Public policies that affect quality of life for the elderly; Older American's Act, Social Security Act, Medicare and Medicaid policies.

SW 7908 Social Development: International Perspectives: Concepts of social development; extent of social underdevelopment in the modern world; theories and normative perspectives; social and national planning.

SW 7999 Research Project: Non-thesis Option: Research project, state of knowledge paper, or position paper.

SW 8000 Thesis Research